Problem: Homeowner is in a condo and has no washer or dryer. There is limited physical space in the closet, limited space in the breaker box, and limited space for running exhaust vents.

Solution: Install furnace in pantry on left and install water heater tight against wall on right to allow room for side by side front loading washer/dryer. This sounds easy but many problems did surface.

The only way the furnace could be installed in the panty was to install a high efficiency furnace with PVC flue venting. This eliminates the fire hazard created by metal flues.

The breaker box did not have enough room for the washer and dryer. Rather than charge the customer more money for a new breaker box with little return on investment we designed a gas tank less water heater system that not only freed up space but gave a great ROI.

Add a washer, dryer, a little drywall, paint, doors, and voila! A magical transformation that allowed for and aesthetically pleasing blend of efficiency, convenience, and comfort.



Problem: Homeowner experiences rapid temperature swings throughout the home. The ductwork in the basement ceiling is encompassing the entire ceiling making the room undesirable.

Solution: Eliminate all ductwork from main room and install new ductwork above the ceiling within the metal joists. Install a second hvac system in the attic to handle the second floor. Paint all ductwork to give an unfinished industrial look.

This project took a great deal of thinking. We had a problem with the ugliness and lack of comfort delivered from the current duct system. Our job was simple: Make the home comfortable and the ductwork pretty and tucked away. Form and function often do not go together in the HVAC industry but this is one project that proved beauty can perform at a highly functional level. Take note of the round ducting interlaced in the metal joists. The entire ceiling used to be consumed by ductwork but not anymore… and the home was more comfortable than ever.



Problem: Seattle, Washington where few homes have air conditioners due to mild temperatures yet this summer on a single day the temperature is around 100 degrees. YOU ARE SO HOT!

Solution: Remove all food from fridge and step inside. Pull pillow next to base of fridge and sleep till the heat dissipates the next day.



Problem: Indoor pollutants and allergens are reeking havoc on the lungs of the inhabitants AND there is an return ducting airflow problem due to limited space.

Solution: Install CleanEffects, the most efficient air cleaner on earth and enlarge the return ducting to allow for more returning of indoor pollutants and allergens to the air cleaner. The air cleaner and the return ducting is oversized in this situation to maximize the efficiency of the air cleaner and the comfort of the heating and cooling system.

This homeowner was a candidate for a lung transplant but fortunately overcame her difficulties in breathing and did not need the surgery. Was it the whole home air cleaning system that saved her from surgery? Hard to say, but we do know she can easily distinguish between a home with an air cleaner and a home without.