scale2At Dunn Heating and Cooling we understand a comfortable home means you and your family are happier, healthier, and more productive.  This is why we have expanded our indoor comfort knowledge to include building science not just heating and cooling.

Studies prove a heating and cooling company that understand the whole home as a system better understands how to provide more comfort and more energy savings making you happier all the way to the bank.

Unless a heating and cooling company understands the whole home they will just think a bigger furnace or AC is the solution (more air.)  This is not always the case though as sometimes some rooms just simply need better insulation, air sealing, or a duct redesign rather than the expensive new AC or furnace.  We will find the most cost effective solution to solve your comfort problem AND we won’t just simply try to sell you the solution that makes us the most money.  The whole home approach to comfort and energy savings is the best alternative.


The owner, Brett Nejmanowski, regularly educates homeowners on how to solve their comfort and energy problems the right way.  The DUNN way.  Get it Dunn Right –  Call anytime for advice on your next home project.


Did You Know:

  • Typically 80% of air leakage travels through 20% of the leaks. Find the 20% and seal them.
  • Air traveling through insulation can reduce the R-Value (insulation value) by 75%
  • Attic ventilation can determine whether a house is comfortable or not
  • Many home comfort problems can be solved by simply air sealing, insulation, or duct modifications rather than just putting in a bigger, more costly heating and cooling system.