Yearly St. Louis HVAC Repair Service

You’ve succeeded in life by making smart choices.  Your heating and cooling system’s maintenance should be no exception.  Research proves a properly applied heating and cooling tune-up will put money back into your pocket while simultaneously helping the environment.  Simple as that.  Its smart HVAC maintenance for smart people.  Where would you rather stand?  Never assume your HVAC system is working as efficiently as it could be until a Dunn HVAC technician verifies it. Start saving asap by scheduling a tune-up for your HVAC system NOW.

Not All HVAC Tune-Ups Are Equal.

Be aware some St Louis HVAC companies offer low-cost, so-called “tune-ups.”  In reality these are glorified visual inspections designed to get the company’s foot in the door and up-sell in an effort to make up for an HVAC tune-up priced at what would be a financial loss.

My System Heats and Cools the Home Just Fine…

Many homeowners think, “Well, it was working last season, why wouldn’t I be fine to just turn it on again this season without a tune up?”  The answer comes down to safety and money. Minor issues with the air conditioner or furnace can turn into much larger bills from the utility company and the homeowner never knows unless a technician identifies the issues with sophisticated testing equipment.  In addition, safety hazards such as carbon monoxide can arise in between seasons so an HVAC tune-up can catch them before they are a problem.

Maintenance Agreements